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A Luxury Private 5 Star Indoor Swing Studio utilising State of the Art Technology & P.G.A. Professional James Gurry proven to help improve & develop Your Golf.

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Utilising state of the art technology in a private and exclusive environment with expert P.G.A. Professional guidance & advice I aim to help you achieve your best.
I believe that quality is key to progress, that is why we work on an appointment only basis.
If you wish to apply to improve please let us know.

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The Golf Shaq offers something a little different, not simply a 'golf lesson' but an experience that will leave you energised to play golf. For serious golfers that aim to improve we offer structured programs that are not a 'quick fix'. Coaching programs can be designed to improve every aspect of your game and provides you, the client, with the data in the palm of your hand so you can track your progress. If you want to play seriously better golf, you have to work in a way that will promote it.
As well as a first class coaching experience we also offer a comprehensive range of services which focus around you, the golfer.

The Best in Ball & Club Head Data - Game/Course Management - Gapping
Custom Fitting - Club Repairs - The Mental Approach to Better Golf

Coaching is what we specialise in whilst also offering a full range of repair services, all of which are carried out by P.G.A. Professionals or where necessary directly from the manufacturers.

'Self Realisation is the key to progress!'

By utilising the very best technology, your coaching experience can be as simple or as technical as you want it. It is nothing new, everyone learns differently and what is good for one person may not be as beneficial to another. This is why we always offer a full assessment of every client before any coaching commences. At the Golf Shaq there are numerous features that allow us to achieve the very best environment for our customers to 'self realise', and not to simply get bogged down with the technical data that often leads to confusion. This means that the clarity gained during a session can only lead to an accelerated rate of understanding and in turn your improvement.

The same technology allows a first class custom fitting service and is recommended by all major brands. Ensuring that when your new clubs or even your current equipment tweaked to suit, you are gaining the tools to achieve the very best you can in order to play your best.

Why Choose The Golf Shaq?


James Gurry has been a qualified P.G.A. Professionals for over twenty five years, in which time he has competed at the highest level with out owning a tour card. Playing and competing against the best in the world. He continues to develop his education within the industry and when time permits stills likes to compete himself. He understands the importance of a competitive mind set as well as all the other components that are imperative if you want to progress in the sport.

He has a professional approach to coaching along with a way of communicating the fundamentals, right through to the more technically advanced movements in the golf swing for the more advanced player. His coaching techniques will be easy to understand no matter what level of golfer you are.

‚Äč Although James' coaching beliefs are not built on a type of swinging or a certain method, he simply works with each individual client with the target to improving their game and helping them achieve their goals and ambitions in golf. There a lot of people making a lot of money teaching certain techniques, that may have worked for a World number 1 or a Major Champion, or simply a concept or course that provides a certification awarding a named level 1 coach or level 5 qualified coach for example.
But those methods might not be right for you!


''I truly believe that with the correct mind set, determination and focus, anyone can become a single figured handicap. It's about working on the right things and and developing your feel for the game. - James Gurry, P.G.A. Professional

Client Testimonials

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“Since the start of my program, I've gained so much understanding of the swing, I hit it further and my short game has improved hugely. My handicap has dropped from 16 to 8, I still feel I can get lower, thanks James”

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“I've worked with James for some time now and over the years he always seems to get me out of my bad spells. He understands the golf swing and knows how to make things sound so simple.”

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“I was introduced to James through a friend and I never thought I would ever be any good at golf, thanks to this awesome facility I now love it. Joining a club soon,I have got the bug!.”

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“Working with James is easy, he knows how the golf swing works and I trust his methods and vision. The simulator is great to put it all into practice.”

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