Fancy a Game?

Fancy a Game?

Why not practice and play on some of the worlds best courses in comfort & privacy, with a feel of exclusivity like nowhere else! 

Golf Simulators are not only fun, they really help you understand how to approach the game and play your best. Some people ask me, "So how accurate is it?" 
My answer is simple, "It's as close to the real thing as you can get without actually being there!"

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Why Driving Ranges are only good for warming up!

Why hit golf balls that are often 80% compression to reduce the distance they travel? 
Because you only require 80% of the land size to build a range!
Range owners lose fewer balls from big hitters and wayward beginners. 

​ A lot of golfers pay a high rates for a range session whilst receiving poor feedback and often without any kind of goal setting. This is not constructive practice. With supervised practice you not only get to swing in a warm environment with expert advice on hand, you get instant feedback with unparalleled data that can be used to improve more consistently than any range can offer. The best in the world often don't practice without a launch monitor that offers instant feedback. Ball flight is rarely sufficient nowadays for serious golfers, so why would they make do with inaccurate ball flights that are on offer at the majority of golf ranges.

​ As well as an accurate Club Speed, Ball Speed, Angle of Attack, Spin, Trajectory, Exact Carry, Dispertion, Smash Factor & Consistency, just some of the data obtainable from using a launch monitor along with our fantastic on course & range simulator."

The Vision

The concept of the Golf Shaq was created from a vision I had in the early 2000's. In 2004 I opened  It was one of the first indoor simulators of its kind. I used technology from a company called X-Golf, a company that was ahead of its time. Fibre optics were located under the strike mat which analysed the club head through impact. It was a clinical environment that offered me as the coach a perfect opportunity to work with clients and identify what to work on to help clients improve. Back in 2004, when the technology was very new along with the concept, it proved difficult to spread trust in technology despite it being revolutionary in my mind. Two of my biggest passions are Golf and Technology, involved both in a way that I knew one day it would be an essential tool to coach with. Nearly twenty years later, thousands of lessons with hundreds of clients later, it was vitally important that I chose the best launch monitor for The Golf Shaq. Now tour professionals rarely work on their game without a launch monitor, making it easier to ensure clients that the technology not only works as well as X-Golf, but Foresight's GC Quad blows everything else away!

  It's a shame that it's taken mainstream publicity through watching golf on TV and online to grow confidence in this type of analytical aid. The Golf Shaq offers not only what X-Golf did, but it is portable making it possible for professionals to travel with one or simply pop it in their golf bag when practicing.

  For those that are skeptical of playing golf indoors, have to accept that anything indoors is going to be different to the real thing but the clinical conditions means that it is possible to analyse the raw data that the individual produces, with absolutely no outside influences to interfere. If you wanted to introduce the elements, it's possible. In fact, it is possible to emulate any kind of scenario on the range or on the course, altering climate & altitude to understand the difference it will have on the ball when you put it to use out on the course. All this without getting wet or windswept!

Top sportsmen in many sports now use simulators to emulate the exact environment they compete in, from motor sports to table tennis, golf is just one of the sports we are lucky to have such amazing technology to allow it. Measuring your ability has become easier than ever with the help of The Golf Shaq's state of the art technology along with video capture and P.G.A. Professional advice.

  The Golf Shaq offers me and my clients the opportunity to work on every aspect of the sport at the push of a button!


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